Maximize Human Potential


Empower Your Team with Positive Adjustments for Lasting Change:

Personal Excellence Systems for Optimal Performance & Team Building
Infrastructures with Accountability and Weekly Action Steps
30 Day, 3 Minute a Day Wellness Programs:

Customized Team Coaching and 1:1 Executive Coaching:

Workshops: Our customized personal excellence workshops are designed to empower your team to make lasting positive changes in their personal and professional life.We address these as a triangular support system: Mind, Body, and Soul. Healthy choices and solutions to build up your team’s communication, stress management and functionality along with the sustainable systems for purpose driven life balance and satisfaction.
Personal Excellence Seminars:

  • Stress Management/wellness
  • Personal Excellence/wellness
  • Team Motivation & Building
  • Effective Management
  • Diversity in Communication and Work Styles
  • Collaborative Corporate Culture
  • Work Life Balance – Life Satisfaction
  • Creative Engine Optimization – Yes you are creative!
  • Motivate – Create – Collaborate
  • Play together – Stay Together – Keeping Employees Happy
  • OCD – Office Collaboration Deficit
  • Lights On Leadership: Lead From Within to Maximize Human Potential

 “These programs are amazing; they enrich and expand your experience with life in ways that you forget are possible.  They equip you with concrete skills that create shifts you can feel instantly.  Whatever hardship or challenge you are facing, at work or home, or if you are a seeker like me, looking to expand your territory in this world, In-Vigor creates a program that is congruent with your gifts and talents and then empowers you with the ability to go for what you want, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I personally highly recommend their work inthis world.”  

Shellie Hunt, CEO Success By Design/The Women of Global Change