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Empower your team with positive adjustments for lasting change

Our customized personal excellence workshops and 1:1 coaching are designed to empower individual and teams to make lasting and positive changes in their personal and professional life. Invigor addresses these as a triangular support system: Mind, Body, Soul. Healthy choices and solutions to build up your team's communications, stress management and functionality along with the sustainable systems for purpose driven life-balance satisfaction.
  1. Multi - Generational
    Multi - Generational
    Building multi-generational teams, effective communication and cooperation between cross demographic team members.
  2. 1:1 Executive Coaching
    1:1 Executive Coaching
    Powerhouse leaders practice self-reflection, impulse control and empathetic listening. Release negative mental models and step into results based shifts for meaningful work/life balance and wellness excellence.
  3. Creativity Workshops
    Creativity Workshops
    Creativity lives in the intersection between your idea, business or product and new uses, views and sometimes seemingly unrelated areas. Everyone is creative and every company needs creative energetic thinkers.
  4. Team Building
    Team Building
    Highly effective teams thrive in organizations that implement: a learning environment; humor; emotional intelligence; action learning; effective dialogue and rapport skills; and appreciative inquiry. Champion your organizational initiatives with today's leading methodology for effective team building.
  5. Stress management
    Stress management
    Stress is the power we give to outside circumstance to define our worth, value and capability. Learn the skill sets needed to master your mind and emotions for effective, calm, confident leadership.
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